Camberley, UK – The Norwegian Governments’ Agency for Railroad Services – Jernbaneverket Now Bane NOR) – has signed nationwide framework agreements for drone services on 8 December 2016.

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The English translation of the Press Release is as follows:

The mapping and observation of avalanches, landslides or flooding is the most important of several areas where this new technology can be used effectively. Climate change makes the likelihood of such events ever more likely. If something happens, fast and accurate mapping of the incident is a key factor to getting the railway opened to traffic again, says contract advisor Knut Rusti-Jørgensen, from the Supply Division, which has been responsible for the procurement.

Faster, safer, less expensive

Today, we mostly rely on helicopters to make observations of landslides and high risk areas, and possibly one must enter the area on foot as well. We expect that it will be faster, safer and cheaper to make observations using such remote-controlled, unmanned aircraft, he said.

We also envisage that the drones have many applications in the prevention of such incidents. Plans include the mapping of vulnerable and hard to reach areas, as well as measurements of snow, terrain movements and much more.

Furthermore, this can also be a tool for maintenance monitoring and inspection of inaccessible infrastructure, e.g. walls, bridges, snow-shelters and platforms. Filming and documentation of major new development projects is another relevant application, says Rusti-Jørgensen.

Eight-hour response

Contracts for the six geographical areas corresponding to the six infrastructure areas in the Jernbaneverket were awarded. The contract for Area North was won by the firm Total Traffic Help in Mosjoen, while IRIS Group Nordic Bergen won the Region West. For the four remaining areas, a contract with the company Nordic Unmanned based in Sandnes was awarded.