Operating on a truly global stage, it is vital that you have the resources to not only carry out your daily operations to fulfil contract requirements but to also respond to your client base as required.

This time last week, IRIS Group were undertaking UAS Operations in Norway and the UK with the Management Team managing tasks and resources from our Head Office in Surrey. A few phone calls, emails and seven days later and the whole situation has changed.

Ross Deyzel, Flight Operations Manager re-deployed from Norway to mainland Europe via the UK to undertake Payload Operator training as part of the UAS EMSA framework agreement. To cover our contract commitments in Norway, Mike Hibberd, Services and Logistics Co-ordinator relocated back to Bergen in Norway to cover our ongoing contract with BANE Nor as well as continue preparation for upcoming powerline inspections with eSmart and a DROPS rig inspection. Additional pilots in the UK have been placed on standby to support this work depending on the rig movements in the coming 7 days. IRIS Group CEO Neil Hunter left for Vijayawada in the Andhra Pradesh Province of India to carry out work with our partners Arup as part of the Amaravati Smart Cities project. And to cap it all off, Dave Cummins, COO flew to Jakarta this week to support ongoing work with our Indonesian partner on a variety of UAS and other contracts.

The ability to respond quickly and on a global basis is a cornerstone of IRIS Group as well as a key requirement of our clients!