Captura, an energy infrastructure inspection company has signed an exciting agreement to work with IRIS Group, a robotics Managed Services company to deliver advanced and innovative Intelligent inspection solutions to the UK energy market.

The two companies will combine traditional inspection and roping techniques with state of the art sensors such as LIDAR and hyperspectral flown from industry leading unmanned air vehicles. They will then employ new ground breaking digital software backed up by many years of experience in the industry to analyse the data gained to produce high quality and intelligent reports. The combined effect will be to provide the various end users with exciting new and efficient answers that will save both time and money, but also dramatically improve output and performance.

Luke Griffin, Managing Director of Captura stated that “the employment of robotics is becoming more and more prevalent across industry and the energy sector in particular is starting to benefit from this technology. By bringing together Captura and IRIS – two very credible companies – we will offer the market new technology, and capability through ground breaking innovation work from both companies.”